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Our Team


Our team developed under the ground of robust technical knowledge and long period experience. Our engineers use a concurrent engineering approaches to take care of performance, compatibility, and reliability. Our engineers grab and analyze detailed knowledge of your systems/industrial (IT) environment architectures to provide remarkable support into a variety of demanding environments. Our engineers design complex computing solutions in view of maximizing performance, reliability, and compatibility.

Our team gives considerable attention to each client because ARK TECHNOLOGIES and our teams believe that every client should be treated adequately and with respect. Our engineers, service levels accommodated your requirements and our team members have a strong base about deploying and maintaining high-end servers, storage devices and SAN solutions.





Our network team has great exercised knowledge about networking and securities and our team members are developing oneself in serving network infrastructure, security and managed services for clients of all sizes. Our team provides extensible solutions within budget to support clients essentials and expectations. Our team offers the entire range of solutions along with consulting, analysis and design through implementation and support.

We can fulfill modern, sophisticated networking technologies in secure and simple ways without altering any industry standards because All of us think beyond the traditional data networking and security technologies.





Our professional and skilled CSD team easily does your particular business requirements using modern technologies and tools. Our team periodically analyzes up-to-time- minute technologies and form uncommon ideas through technology - based discussions. This process helps us to create both secured and well - featured products with least price. Our team follows robust quality analyzing systems.

Our team has a solid experience in development of custom solutions. Thoroughly analyzing your business needs, industry and product requirements, we deliver tailored cost-competitive, scalable and robust software development solutions.





Our PABX team delivering excellent service to our customers through the comprehensive audit of your current telephony usage and communications infrastructures. Our team aware of the value of time and needs of proper communications for business growth. Our team designs an ideal PABX for you by on-site assessments.

Our PABX team provides cost-effective convergence solutions and intelligent routing this helps you get excellent performance from your equipment. We provide full maintenance and servicing for your existing PABX so you able to deliver the outstanding services to your customers within a low budget. Our team is expertise to handle current technologies in this area.





Our security devices team brings the new kind of unified networked security services and each of them has considerable knowledge of the IT and physical security markets make them managing of advanced hardware and software systems. Our innovative approaches in support remote monitoring and backup provide to our clients peace of mind and full filling their expectations and our team continue to figure out our client's queries and answer throughout the lifetime of the system.

Our team tries to excellent services of security operations that are not accessible from our challengers without costly, mixed-up, and time-consuming processes this helps our client's easily migrate to new technologies from existing conditions. Our team members are expert in IP-based security solutions, deploying and managing access control, intrusion detection devices, and video analysis.





Our W&M developing team analyses client's requirements from the bottom level. Our team helps to achieve our clients' business goals through the blending of creative ideas and modern web/mobile technologies. Each of our team members strictly following coding methods and take into account all aspects of website security features. Our W&M team transparently communicates with clients in every stage of application development.

Our W&M team developing applications on the different platform as per the demand of the client. Our W&M team developing secure mobile applications for communications, social networking and provide on-going support and maintenance for delivering projects.





Our team brings artistic solutions including professionalism and branding. One of the first-rate peculiarity of our team is a vigorous visual process which is linking the audience to a root level that, make sure the ideal solution for our client business. Our creative team gives a freedom to our clients to undergo a collection of good looking websites and research how our clients perceived by their ground-zero audiences on both large and local spectrum. This process helps us to develop superior user familiarity, fine-tuned for SEO, PPC & social media and responsive web sites.

Our team believes an effective and dazzling website is a good business maker so our team of seasoned aces create a prosecutable script and then execute and hand over solutions. Our team's uppermost responsive sites that care given to everything from information architecture to, content, color to typography, UX- to eCommerce that can outperform in the marketplace. Pride ourselves on open communication that enable us to deeply understand clients' objectives and business requirements.





Our AMC team guides customers to adopt finest and economical annual maintenance contracts. Our team provides the keen response and to steadily strengthen the level of service through organizing service engineers as per the priority of customers and open communication. Wherever possible, guidance will be given over email, telephone, Team viewer and Ammyy admin.

Our team studying client's industrial environment thoroughly and create a detailed report for each category and prepare affordable and flexible annual maintenance contract based on these reports. Each customer feedback carefully analyzing, and keep them in a systematic way for future purposes and employee training.





Our SEO/SEM team is the crew of well-exercised professionals and each of them have information on what are up-to-the-minute procedures and tricks used to ensure that a site is door's always to a search engine and refine the enhances that the site will be found in the search engine. Our team has good knowledge in creating and publishing excellent content, Link building to improve the link popularity, applying social media as on sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

Our ambition is to bring our customers' website into a high-ranking placement in the search engine and improving site navigation to provide excellent user experience. Google and other important search engines refurbish their algorithms many times off per year. Our team always building and testing these changes and applied to SEO, content marketing and digital marketing.





Our well-trained D&H supporting team helps our clients to gain their critical business goals without any frustration through, select and manage good enough domain names and first rate hosting package from well-established hosting providers. Our team easily does web server customization to achieve clients' requirements and provide remarkable support for a wide range of hosting services such as website hosting and management, Domain transfer, Digital certificate buying and installation, VPS configurations and management, Dedicated server configuration and management, Email hosting, Website Security solutions, Website monitoring, Website backup solutions.

D&Hteam has comprehensive knowledge about configuring and managing Cpanel, Direct Admin, Parallel Plesk, etc. D&H team regularly reviews, web technologies this helps maintain our clients web servers as up to date. D&H team following systematic and uncommon debugging process to allow our clients to move beyond the limitations of do-it-yourself.


  •  Satheendra Building, TC 2/1432(14)
        Pottakkuzhy, Pattom
        Trivandrum - 4.
  •   +91 471 244 5300
  •   +91 828 998 5918


  •  Key Business Group Building
        Near Hyundai Showroom,
        Al Khabaisi, P.O.Box: 380129
        Dubai - U.A.E.
  •   +971 4 269 29 38
  •   +971 4 273 34 54


We develop custom software solutions that include designing of software widows based & web-based applications. We customize software products to meet both the business and technical requirements of a project.

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